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May I use your music in my Youtube Videos?

Yes my music is free to use for non monetized videos.  Youtube may put a copyright claim on the video and play video ads on my behalf.  If you wish to remove the ads, you must purchase a license or ask for a claim release (for non profit works).

May I use your music in my Student Project

Yes, I offer free usage for almost all student projects.  If you are promoting a company, product, or school, please email me with the details first.

How do I use your music for a commercial project?

Please email me or fill out my license request form.  I will reply asap with a price quote.  Online payment is accepted and an official license document will be sent after payment.

Do you accept library music from other composers?

No not at this time, I only offer my own compositions.

How do you make the music?

I use Logic Pro X, a combination of real and virtual instruments, and record real musicians as much as possible.  Follow me on Instagram for more details about my process.

Do you score custom music?

Yes. I love writing custom scores for any type of project.  Please email for more details

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