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add humanity

Recording live players and vocalists is a favorite part of the process.  It always takes the music in an unexpectedly unique direction.

The clip here is from recording sessions for the album Frontier.

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motion is life

The nuance and motion that performing synths, pianos, guitars, etc adds is a key ingredient to giving the music its undeniable character.



find a way

The computer is an essential part of any arsenal.  Vast arrays of sample libraries, plugins, and software make the vision possible.  


let it go

Visual mediums are critical to tell the story behind the music.  We frequently collaborate with talented visual artists. 

Greg Dombrowski

composer / owner

Greg is a US based composer known for dramatic orchestral film scores that stretch traditional orchestral music boundaries.  Working with Immediate Music, he composed the orchestral theme music for Village Roadshow Pictures studio logo and many other trailers.  In 2021, The Matrix Resurrections teaser including Greg's music won a Clio Grand Award, one of the most prestigious awards in film advertising.  In the recording industry Greg has been involved in projects with major recording artists such as Pop Smoke's multi platinum album Meet the Woo 2 in which Greg provided dramatic violin recordings.   In 2015, Greg's track "Ash" was caught in an epic duel between FIFA exec Jack Warner and comedian John Oliver.  Culminating in the music being called out and discussed for its epic and dramatic style in an episode of Last Week Tonight.


Secession Studios

label / library

Secession Studios was started in 2013 as a label to release & publish Greg's music.  Since then, our albums have amassed millions of streams, and hundreds of licenses.  We are always looking for awesome projects and clients to collaborate with.  

We are currently not looking for submissions from other composers.

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